The Lovey Club, Inc. – Anniversary

Lovey Club CoverForWebIt’s been a year since I published my first book on Amazon.  Although not many copies sold, I am very proud of my first “published” work.  I hope and plan to release a second edition plus others in this series.  If you are willing, please go check it out and maybe even purchase it!  It’s only 99cents.

SUMMARY: The book is for children ages 8-12, which has a great but simple message for today’s children: kids should embrace their youth and not feel pressure to grow up too quickly!  The protagonist is a fifth grader named Hannah, who struggles to maintain her independence, youth, and identity under the pressures and intrigues of some very confused and mean classmates. The novel teaches important messages about non-conformance, forgiveness, and compassion, yet it is in no way preachy.

If you do not have a Kindle, you can order it through the free Kindle app.  Hope your kids enjoy it as much as others did!


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