It’s Why I Attend

It’s Sunday.  I love Sundays for many reasons but one of the best reasons is Mass.  With so many distractions in the world, going to Church is the one place where I do not feel guilty shutting out the world and focusing on one thing: my relationship with the Lord.

Don’t get me wrong.  My mind still drifts and I have to bring myself back to the moment.  I know it is okay if my mind wanders as long as I refocus, but last week I was reminded of how important it is to fight back and bring my mind to the present.

The Homily was pure perfection, beginning with a simple story, but spoke so profoundly to me that it has remained in my mind for a full seven days.  Imagine that!  The story went something like this:

“A teacher gave her students an interesting assignment.  She handed each one a piece of paper that was nearly blank save for one small black dot in the middle of the page.  She then asked the class to write a few sentences about the page and what they thought it meant.  Each student wrote different things but they all focused on the black dot.”

The point of this story was as simple as a child’s whisper, yet the message was louder than the roar of a jet engine.  As humans, we all tend to focus on the black dot, which, in this case, represents certain negatives in our lives while we ignore all of the white space around us, which represents the good in our lives.  We are so laser focused on the bad that we forget to celebrate all that is good.

Why do we do that?  I cannot answer that question other than to say it is human nature, but we really need to stop for a minute and remember the blessings in life and stop focusing on the negatives.  It is so easy to get trapped and zero in on the bad, but we must find the strength to temper it by realizing how much we have and how beautiful life is.

The next time you are feeling down and out, try looking at all the good life has to offer.  Think about your children.  Think about God and look at the world, understanding its overall simplicity but complex nature that seems to work so perfectly.  Be thankful to have a roof over your head and technology that has given us comforts that generations before us did not have.  Look at a sunset or a sunrise and celebrate its beauty.  Read a book and remember how fortunate you are that you were afforded an education.  Watch a child laugh and laugh with them.

I could go on and on, but I think the point is clear.  Today, when I attend Mass, I refuse to let my mind be pulled from the moment over the stresses of life.  My focus will be on the Word of God.

For that Word is the reason I attend!



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