New Challenge – Week #2

To recap week 1 of my new challenge, there are some things I should highlight.

First, the people.  I have met a few people on the way that surprisingly, were quite helpful and interesting.  In general, I find people to be annoying, self centered, and rude.  I am not sure why I have that general feeling and, quite honestly, last week seemed to disprove my feelings.

I met three people and all of them were willing to talk and help me navigate through this new challenge.  Not only did they confirm that I was on the right platform, heading in the right direction, but they also were more than willing to provide me with invaluable advice.  Things like, “make sure you use google maps”, or “download the public trans app so you can always know the status of your next train” were more than helpful and made me understand that, as much as some people are rude and untrustworthy, many are kind and wiling to help a fellow brother.  I would like to learn more about these people and highlight their life stories without mentioning names of course.

Second, part of my new commute is that I walk to and from the train unless the weather is bad.  Walking along roads that you typically travel by car certainly gives another perspective on not just everything around you but also your own mental view of the environment.

For example, I noticed a creek as I walked the road I have probably driven on a million times at this point.  I never knew the creek was there and suddenly this new world appeared right before my eyes.  Confirming my general disdain for people, I saw lots of garbage strewn about, causing me to wonder about the origin of the trash.  I am no environmentalist but why do people think it is okay to throw their crap out the window?

It’s just a total lack of respect.  This is God’s house but most do not see it that way.  I am sure, however, that if they were in His house and He were there staring at them, they would not be so disrespectful as to discard their cigarette butt on the floor or toss their lollipop wrapper at God’s feet so why do they do it now?  I do not like cursing in my writing.  It shows a total lack of creativity.  BUT, in this case, I am calling it like it is …. because they are complete ASSHOLES!  That’s why they throw their crap out the window and into God’s house.

Second, and conversely, you then see beauty that is completely hidden to the driving commuter.  Beauty that you miss when you fly by at 45 MPH.  You see the random purple flower standing tall amidst weeds, empty cigarette packs and gum wrappers.  You see a bright, red cardinal in a bush staring at you.  You see and smell the honey sickle bushes and many other flora not viewable when driving.

Third, you find yourself challenging the elements.  As I walked to the train on Friday night, black thunderheads were looming as they typically do in the late summer afternoons.  As I walked and looked to the west, it was all blue skies and puffy, white, cotton ball clouds.  Then as I walked straight to the south, it was complete darkness with flashes of purple as if God was in the sky taking pictures.

What are you going to do?  I was totally exposed and unless I hitched a ride with a stranger, was at the mercy of whatever the weather had in store.  Interestingly, however, I was not scared.  I felt a sense of energy and symphony with nature, and I simply kept my stride, enjoying the beauty the skies provided.

I made it to the platform energized.  No rain.  No lightning.  In fact, I made it in time for the earlier train.

Now, I look forward to the week 2 of this new challenge.  Stay with me.



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