A Little Help for Republicans

I once blogged about Ben Carson, who I thought was extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and rational. Last week, however, he showed he is not ready for prime time when he answered that homosexuality is a choice and as proof cited that many people go to prison straight and come out gay.

Come on Ben, really?  I’ve been on the edge of my seat for months wondering if you are going to run for office and that’s how you answer a question like that?

I sat there bewildered and was suddenly overcome with an epiphany.  It is so easy.  I felt like a kid in third grade who knew the answer while I watched my classmate get it wrong.  My hand was in the air and I found myself going “ooh, ooh, pick me Mr. Cuomo, pick me!!!”

Alas, it was just me in my living room unable to answer the question, unable to put this so-called “journalist” in his place.  In my humble opinion, here is how all Republicans should answer these “gotcha” social questions:

Interviewer: So do you think homosexuals should be allowed to get married?

[Picture an incredulous look, a look of  utter surprise and bewilderment and disdain … as if to say “are you an idiot?????”]

Candidate: Seriously???  Are you serious?  Did you really just ask me that question?

Interviewer: Uh, yes, answer the que—

Candidate: Ok, let me get this straight.  We have $18 Trillion in debt and growing every day, we have nearly $130 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, we have an unsecure boarder, we have the government taking over healthcare resulting in millions of lost coverage or increased costs, we have people who have either given up looking for a job or settled for part-time work because of government policies, we have Iran developing nukes, ISIS is on the rise, terrorism is on the rise, people around the world are being persecuted for being Christian or Jewish, wages for the middle class are down … just to name a few of the crises we face and you want to ask me about HOMOSEXUALITY?????

Are you crazy or just plain stupid???

We have real problems facing this nation and the world at large!!!!  And all you can focus on is homosexuality????  I could care less about that!  We have REAL issues to solve man.  Get your head out of your you know what.

Ask me questions about how I think we can solve the REAL problems, and I will answer them, BUT ask me one more STUPID, SILLY question about social issues, of which the Federal Government should have no part in, and this interview is over.  GOT THAT!!!

Imagine the stunned look on Chris Cuomo’s face if Mr. Carson answered him that way.  Come on republicans, get your act together.  This advice is free, but I will start charging next time!  Move over Karl Rove!!!



One thought on “A Little Help for Republicans

  1. That’s a positively spot-on response to the inane questions of reporters with the agenda of picking off good, conservative candidates one at a time. Let’s hope at least one conservative Republican will have the courage to do this. It will surely resonate with the base. Cruz, Walker, Paul, etal. are you listening?

    FBF, have you thought of throwing your hat in the ring? 🙂

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