I don’t like politicians.  Maybe there are some good ones out there but all I see are a bunch of windbags determined to preserve there own status.

It’s probably true that most of them get into the game early on because they want to make a difference, but then something happens.  They get used to the power.  They feed on the attention, the lights, cameras, followers, etc.  Then, like a drug addict searching for that initial high that hooked them, they go on an endless and soulless search for more, stopping at nothing to keep it.

If they are not going to do what they say they are going to do, why do we keep voting them back in?  What makes us vote if we do not have a candidate we believe in?

I am told it is my duty to vote.  I am told people have died protecting this right.  I agree, but where is the duty of those running for office to stand by their convictions, have a moral backbone, and actually do something that may go against popular culture, who typically is a minority but somehow has gained the loudest voice, and take a position that fulfills their promises???

Here’s a crazy idea, as soon as a politician breaks a campaign promise, they should be fired and a new vote should be held.

Well, we cannot do that I guess.  Imagine how high the unemployment numbers would be if we did.

Politicians!  Please like this post if you don’t like them …



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