You know how the saying goes: “never say never!” right?

What does this saying even mean?  It infers that once you utter the word “never” about doing or saying something, you are destined to do or say just that, like Murphy’s Law.

“Never say never” means that nothing is set in stone, that everything can change resulting in you taking action that you NEVER thought possible.  It is true, life changes, ideas change, circumstances change and you find yourself waking up to a person you NEVER thought you would be.  We are all living proof of that in some way, shape, or form.

But I do believe there are some core parts of our being that we can confidently say will not change.  Here are some things that I stand firmly on that I will NEVER do or say or agree to or change my mind on, etc., without being forced, coerced, or tortured to do, so here goes (and I would like to believe I would choose death before changing or even feigning a change on these positions):

#1: I will NEVER willingly or knowingly vote for a Democrat (and I am close to saying the same about Republicans)!

#2: I will NEVER support or advise someone to have an abortion!

#3: I will NEVER denounce Christ as my Lord and Savior!

#4: I will NEVER support or recognize “gay marriage”!

#5: I will NEVER not show love and respect for someone because of their persuasion, so before you start calling me a bigot, homophobe, hater, etc., because of #4, back the F off!

Thank you for listening.



2 thoughts on “NEVER!

  1. We do all tend to have a few principals or convictions that cannot be swayed no matter how much one tries to prove us wrong
    Well said 🙂

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