Nature Chills Challenge

Nature Chills Challenge from a Momma’s View.  I could not resist, especially as the winter doldrums have settled across the northeast and the New Year turns another number on the calendar.  Thanks for allowing me to escape into a little slice of heaven if only for a minute!

The Beach


Ahhh the beach on a hot summer day

Watching in joy as the children play

I settle in for a long day in the sun

Intent on just chillin’, nowhere to run

Waves crashing in rhythmic motion

I sit and stare at the vast blue ocean

The warm sand tickles between my toes

A cozy feeling like a blanket makes me doze

The salty smell of the sea is thick in the air

I am relaxed, humbled, cool without a care

The foam from the waves so white and pure

Stress and anxiety long gone out the door

The beach, the shore and a summer haze

My mind floats away in a calm cool daze

The gulls screech circling high in the sky

As the day goes forward time passing me by

My favorite drink poured buzzes my head

As the sun sets in trails of pink and red

A day at the beach is where I long to be

Where I am able to chill and be utterly free



13 thoughts on “Nature Chills Challenge

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