Year End, One Year Closer to …

Wow!  Here I sit, another year coming to a close.  It is hard to believe but 2014 is ending.  It amazes me every year how fast time flies.

Another year added to my marriage.

Another year added to my daughter’s age.

Heck, another year added to my age.

I used to get bummed out over how fast time was going, but it does not bother me as much anymore.  For one, I am truly enjoying the process.  I also know that there is Eternal Salvation, so death no longer scares or intimidates me!

The best part about 2014 coming to a close … wait for it … we are one year closer to Obama’s reign as POTUS coming to an end.  Really, 2016 cannot come soon enough although I shudder at the absolute destruction we will see in the U.S. as he pushes his agenda without concern for reelection!

But, then again, what am I really excited about?  The way things are in the states today, we are destined for more progressive-liberal policies since the Repukeacans (yes, I meant to type it that way because they make me sick!!!) cannot seem to make a stand and get anything done.

It’s the same old story.

They always tell us they are blocked by the Democrats because they only have the presidency, or the house or blah, blah, blah.  But, somehow, the left always seems to cram its legislation down our throats.  Somehow they get that one vote needed from a “Republican.”  Somehow … we lose a little freedom every passing day.  Somehow our Constitution continues to be ignored and misinterpreted … somehow …

… well, at least I can still type these words without fear of disappearing in the middle of the night and ….


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