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Don Charisma

A few new bloggers have been asking me for blogging tips … so here you are …

Personally I don’t see other bloggers as competition, so I wouldn’t call researching other blogs as “competitor research” more “colleague research”. Why I say this is MOST, in fact almost all elite bloggers I’ve been in contact with are charming and lovely.

I’ve never thought I was carved from a different piece of cloth than others, we’re all capable of succeeding, we’re all of us talented people. Plus, there’s enough of the pie for everyone, we’re all different and have different styles. Of course there’s the occasional grumpy one in the “elite”, but their only reward is to go into my “ignore” list of bloggers on Usually permanently as I’m generally too busy to check back and find out if they’ve grown a sense of humour.


Every one of us has…

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