Traffic Spikes

I do not understand why the traffic on my blog idles for days at a time with barely 15 visits and then randomly I get this spike to over 50 visits, six or seven likes to a post, and four or five comments in a day.  Every 10 days I see this spike.  Please note that I realize how miniscule this it to some of you power bloggers, but, hey, we gotta start somewhere, right?

What causes that?  It reminds me of a restaurant where the place is dead, as in dead, no one coming, no one going for an hour.  Then, at the same time, the whole world seems to wake up and decide it is hungry and people flock in like a herd of cattle, overwhelming the system and sending the employees into a panic.

Or, when you are sitting in your office and the realization hits that the phones have not rung for an hour.  Suddenly, the phone system blows up like a telethon, and you find yourself thinking, “I’ve been here working my ass off this whole time … where have you people been … now you want to disrupt my workflow because you realized it was time to start your day???”

Are the random spikes in traffic part of the same herd-like phenomenon?  Is it some unknown instinct that we all carry like an inner cowbell ringing when it is time to eat?

Personally, I would like to see a traffic spike every day, but, then again, it would not be a traffic spike then would it?




11 thoughts on “Traffic Spikes

  1. Sometimes I have that spike in traffic numbers as well. Some days I don’t get any visitors and then on others I get between one and ten visitors and occasionally I get over fifteen views for some reason =/

    • Thanks for the comment. Just read your Atheist blog. I liked it but could not comment. Way to hold your own with all of the comments. That was an intense commentary and you should be commended for it!

  2. Fifteen hits a day is considered a success for my unpopular blog haha. There is no logic to blog stats. Sometimes I post a review and no one reads it. Other times I neglect my site for a week only to notice that traffic is shooting up.

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