Christmas – Ultimate Freedom

I am sure this will be one of many blogs today and tomorrow wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone, but I think it is important to do just that. SOOOOOOOO … Merry Christmas to all who have followed, read, liked, and commented on this blog!  Merry Christmas to the world!

Christmas marks the beginning of the ultimate freedom.  It is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died for us to free us from sin and give us eternal life!

We can have freedom of speech.  We can have freedom of choice.  We can have freedom of thought.  We can be free to walk into a store and buy something and we can have the same freedom to not buy something.  In America, we have freedom of assembly.  We are free to vote.  We are free to say we do not like what our government is doing.

Things have changed and our freedoms are getting smaller by the day, but right now, we still have the freedom as a people to fight that tyranny.  Whether we choose to do so or not is an entirely different matter.

All of that, however, is nothing when compared to what Jesus did for us when he died on The Cross.  No matter what country you live in and what tyranny and persecution you face if you embrace Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you will have eternal salvation!

As I sit here, sipping a hot cup of Starbucks Christmas blend, I am enjoying the following video of the most beautiful Christmas song ever written.  There are many versions of this song, but this one is my favorite!  Sit back, listen, and enjoy a small moment of peace:

True freedom exists and Christmas celebrates the moment it all began.  God Bless the world and Merry Christmas!



4 thoughts on “Christmas – Ultimate Freedom

  1. Starbucks Christmas blend sounds nice. Thank you for your post. It is a good reminder about what this time of year is really about, and once it is over that we continue the spirit of Christmas.

      • My early mornings are dedicated to blogging and writing. I am trying to get better at connecting with my blogging friends. I think a lot of us spend so much time writing that we hardly set time aside to interact with each other. When I saw your post show up in my e-mail I thought it was perfect timing to check it out. Enjoy your day!

  2. LOVELY version of O Holy Night !!!! 

    Suggestion for a boost for freedom:  Stop supporting Starbucks.  Here’s a link where you can buy coffee far superior to Starbucks and support the good monks of the Church. .  We buy it ground in their 5 lb. bag and get free shipping.  I recommend our two favorites, Mystic Monk Blend and Hermits Bold  Blend

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