Baby Boomers, I Need to Vent

Okay, at the risk of pissing a bunch of people off, I am just going to say it!  It is my firm belief that the baby boomer generation ruined this country.

There, I said it.  I feel much better now.

Without them, liberalism or progressivism would not have spawned like mold in a wet basement or mushrooms in a pile of crap.

They burned bras … great!  They protested the war … great!  They did drugs … really great!  They made women think staying at home was a burden … even greater!  They made it hip to think that if it feels good, it’s right … forget morality … great!

And where did it all get us?

A less motivated culture of kids in gen X (my generation) and an even more entitled generation in the millennial-trophy-society-helmet-head kids.

High teenage pregnancy rates.  Diminished family unit.  High STD rates.  Increased drug use.  An entitlement society.  Poverty.  Out of control spending.  Domestic problems.  International problems. ETC. ETC. ETC.

All resulting from the 60s.  Thank you very much!

There, I said it.  I feel relieved. Sorry if I offended anyone … well, not really.



7 thoughts on “Baby Boomers, I Need to Vent

  1. I don’t blame the boomers, they were born into a poverty ridden post-war era where the country got back on it’s feet selling commercialism. The government was doing underhanded things, kids protested (probably rebelled against the idea all women should do is stay home after spending years doing the jobs of their husbands while they were at war). If you don’t question authority, government, life then you are not living responsibly (in my opinion). I am happy to be considered for careers my mother never could. I think every generation looks at the next one and thinks the world is going to hell, it’s evolution. I would blame technology more than the boomers. Technology is moving much faster than we can control. Happy blogging!

    • There are some good things out of everything bad for sure. But when there are more bad things, we have to look to the source of the problem in order to fix it, recognizing the cause is the beginning of the solution.
      Thanks for the comment and thoughtful retort.

  2. LOL! I so agree with your venting. I’m surrounded by baby boomers and sometimes they just make me crazy. Like, you guys have been trying to do the same thing over and over again for forty years and it always delivers bad results, so would you mind terribly if we just tried something else now?

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