Astounded + Dumbfounded = Anger

It’s appalling to see our  government publicize a report about CIA interrogations with the scum of the earth.

We are fighting a war against an enemy that sends people into buildings to blow themselves up and other innocent lives around them.  We are fighting a war against an enemy that cuts people’s heads off, films, and broadcasts it.  We are fighting an enemy that hijacks planes with hundreds of innocent lives on them and flies them into buildings, killing thousands of innocent lives.  We are fighting an enemy that uses a Religion to coerce people into hate and murder.

What is wrong with us?  I don’t give a shit how we get information from these pukes.  What we should do is take these asshole politicians and airdrop them all into Afghanistan or Baghdad and let them see the real inhumanity of the world.

Politicians never cease to amaze me.  If you disagree with me, you are entitled, but I will tell you that you are wrong, and I will never conceded that point.

Everyday, it amazes me how we fight ourselves when we should be unified in this one thing.  When 911 happened, we were all outraged and angered (well, many of us anyway except those like Obama’s pastor and spiritual mentor) together.  Now, we have people and politicians acting like we have to play fair in the sandbox, literally a sandbox!

I am astounded and dumbfounded, but most of all I am angry.




4 thoughts on “Astounded + Dumbfounded = Anger

  1. I press like reluctantly, because I don’t like. I wish there could be hard and fast rules. Combat can never be dignified. If both sides were able to say we can do this and can’t do that…. there wouldn’t be wars. I have family and friends in both British and American forces. ( Note the word FORCES). This is a political time bomb, a humanitarian catastrophe. WAKE UP it is war. I will be the first to vote for all conflict to be settled with a pillow fight! But guess what it will NEVER HAPPEN! thanks for your post. Sorry if I hijacked it. But note… no ransom no be heading and no imprisonment for speaking my mind.

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