Just Because You’re Family …

… does not mean you have to like each other right?  You may love one another because you come from the same place, but I think it is quite possible that you simply don’t like one another.

In other words, don’t force it.  If you don’t get along, then move on.



6 thoughts on “Just Because You’re Family …

  1. We unfortunately don’t seem to need family to earn our respect, which is peculiar. To love someone because they have the same D.N.A. Blood and name? She is my Mother, sister, gran, Aunt etc… so I will keep trying. But will I like her thoughts attitudes or morals. No, we cant choose our family, but that does not mean we have to like them. I agree, but move on… my conscience may stop that, not wanting to be alienated by those you do respect; may stop that. So I lengthen the string, longer time between calls; less personal conversations. Less ammunition left for them to throw.

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