Eight Million

What is eight million of anything?  A LOT.

If I had eight million dollars, I would slink off into the sunset.  I would do some good things with the money by supporting causes I believe in, but most of all, I would dedicate myself to the things I love: my family, my writing, my freedom!

Is eight million reindeer a lot?  You bet!  Does Santa need eight million reindeer to get around the world in one night?  Nope.

Is eight million people in one square mile a lot?  Absolutely.  I don’t even know if that’s possible.

But what I learned last night referring to eight million came as a shock to me.  Maybe I misheard so please comment if you know better.  But I heard we are spending eight million dollars a day in Iraq.  I thought that war was over.  I thought our supreme leader brought peace to the region.  I also heard there are now 4,000 ground troops in Iraq with a couple thousand more on the way.  I am confused.  I thought that war ended with the anointing of the great one and the expulsion of the evil W.

Eight million … where is the outrage from the liberal community?



3 thoughts on “Eight Million

  1. The expenses will continue to rocket as the region is so unstable. Removing Saddam has ended up being a disaster. He was scum, but he wasn’t an immediate threat and his barbaric ways ensured that radical groups wouldn’t run amok.

    • Never thought of it that way. Good point as long as you believe that sadistic SOB was not a threat to his people and the world. Thinking about history, I wonder how different things would have been if we and our allies decided to get rid of Hitler the minute he started his crap. Instead, we ignored it, and, well, we know what happened as a result.

      I think the real disaster was pulling out the way we did. That is why the mess has escalated. But, there is also a side of me that says, why are we even involved over there? I guess if we are not involved we get disasters such as 911???

      • Saddam was a threat to his people but not the world, as he was being watched like a hawk. Attacks like 911 are carried out by terrorist groups so invading countries doesn’t prevent those disasters from occurring. The current mess in Iraq wouldn’t have happened had the US not pulled out, but voters didn’t didn’t have the stomach to see their troops die to policing a foreign country.

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