Do you Think Anyone Cares?

I see posts on blogs, on facebook, on twitter, etc., and I find myself asking, “do you think anyone cares?”

What is it that makes people think that others care what their dog just did in the back yard or that their kid went to the bathroom, or that your family is in Hawaii, or whatever it is.

What happened in our culture that we are suddenly obsessed with telling everybody everything about our lives, or just as bad, that we scour social media for hours looking into the lives of our so-called “friends”?  Seriously, is there no privacy anymore?

I really do not understand this … well, not sure what to call it other than a phenomenon.

I wonder if there is some correlation to the outbreak and seeming obsession our culture now has with reality television.  We are a nation of voyeurs enthralled by the lives of others.  We see women arguing and fighting like children, we see kids acting like barbarians, and we watch with great intensity as they become “celebrities” overnight.  We are in their homes.  We are in their personal space.  Not sure which is worse, the fact that we watch or the fact that they want to put themselves on display like that.  And these idiots become millionaires as a result … are you kidding me?

We are in a strange place, and I don’t like it.  Social media is cool if you share news or if you use it for posting good stories or for a business or to share information, but to simply share your personal status is, well, just as sad as the reality television that has ambushed cable television.

The next time you want to post something about your cat or your baby, ask yourself, “do you think anyone cares?”




20 thoughts on “Do you Think Anyone Cares?

  1. This is a great question and I actually asked myself this question a million times. While reading your post I wanted to comment that Zuckerberg happened. But then I thought that it started already before him. Big Brother and what was that Reality Show called on MTV? The Real Life or something? Remember your neighbor peeking outside, semi hiding behind the curtain to see what you are up to?
    I guess we always loved to watch… We were probably always a bunch of voyeurs. It only got easier, as we can hide behind the screen now and people love to over-share. That is why Zuckerberg is rich now.

    And then you just need the right characters, who love to put themselves out there for money and a celebrity status and people feed from it again. Who actually believes that those so called reality shows are actually reality?

  2. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    Exactly the amount of information people share is amazing. Every detail about their relarionships . Call me old fashioned but I don’t want to know what goes on in your bedroom. Some things are meant to be private. A cat or baby I can deal with a freaky lifestyle and how your husband cheats on you makes me cringe.

  3. People might not care in entirety, but some will care. Those who are bored out of their wits and are contemplating suicide may find solace in other people’s words if they are brave enough to past. You may not care, I may not care but someone might and the person might impact that life greatly. I get your point though but I know there are many who find solace in blogging their feelings.

  4. Hello thanks for this post it does make you think. Job done.
    I believe people need to find others doing worse than them… you know what I mean, not in a horrid way; but we all know the grass is always greener somewhere. How about the people who want to be the side others want to come to. So I believe people look to seek those of us that make them better. Millionaires are on the grass is greener side; or so others think. Street people would cut their hand off to have what the poor do. We all know this. But to peek at people in the middle, as most of us are; makes us feel better. Not me personally as I am more than happy with my lot. It is silent crowing. If we stop reading, stop commenting or liking; maybe it would end.
    (All thoughts are mine and in no way reflect on this site.)

  5. I also feel some the the posts/status updates are silly. “Having cheesy biscuits at Red Lobster.” I think, well that’s nice. However, some people truly use it to stay close to people the care about by sharing the everyday little moments that only those close to them might find mundane. I fall in to this category, although don’t comment much on the little bits as much as some. So, I guess to answer your question, “do you think anyone cares?” I would have to say that I do for the most point. Great post!

  6. It’s indicative of a fundamental shift in our cultural values where we are not fully transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. We still feel like the center of attention because there are all these different places that provide us (the illusion of) a platform and an audience. From there, likes and retweets and the like are the reinforcement to replicate the behavior. It’s all very alarming, but we are all too busy looking at our phones and computers to do anything about it…

  7. Reblogged this on ally1lakeside and commented:
    I was occasionally guilty of that on Facebook but realised and stopped. I don’t understand the need though to publish all about peoples’ sex lives though because some things should be private.

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