Happy Thanksgiving with a Little History

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Recently, I studied Thanksgiving to learn about the origins and discovered that it was not simply a meal between the Indians and the Pilgrims.  Rather, it was about thanking God for their blessings of survival of family of friends of religion of freedom!

I also learned recently that before the famous “first” Thanksgiving in 1621, there were other Catholic feasts of Thanksgiving in the 1500s in different parts of the Americas celebrating God’s blessings.  It one such case, bean soup was the main dish!

So, Thanksgiving has its roots in religion and is not merely a day to eat too much and watch football, sort of a microcosm of  American culture … stuffing our souls with material things as opposed to God’s love!

I wish all Americans have a Happy Thanksgiving but most importantly let us bow our heads first and give thanks to the Lord our God!


PS—Thank those who decided turkey to be the main course as opposed to bean soup!


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