It Felt Good, REALLY Good

I used to be a runner.  I would run anywhere from 15-25 miles a week.  More than most people but certainly less than others.

I was never interested in races.  I ran for me because I simply enjoyed it and really saw no reason to spend $100 to run with a bunch of strangers when I could simply run 5K or 10 miles in the peace of my own mind on a familiar route or through a beautiful park with just my music and thoughts.

But my running was plagued by injuries.  If it wasn’t my knee it was my back.  If it wasn’t my back, it was my knee.  And if it wasn’t either of those, it was my ankle.  But, I kept doing it after nursing the injuries and over the years I cut back and my 15-25 mile weeks turned into 10-15 mile weeks, then 5-10 mile weeks.

A few months ago, I had a bio-mechanics expert tell me I should never run.  He said my body was simply not cut out for it because my feet splayed out and from there nothing lined up properly.  The result will be constant injury until my dying day.

That was both a relief and a disappointment.  Since then, not one step onto the pavement or gravel. NOT ONE!  It’s been four months.

Today, I ran a mile.  My brain, body, and soul are alive and alert.  It felt good to be out there, really good!

Now what?



4 thoughts on “It Felt Good, REALLY Good

  1. I’m new to running late in my life, so I have no answers for you, but when you asked, “Now what?” I thought… find help from those who will say yes to running. At my age, most people say “don’t run.” I understand the risks but believe the benefits outweigh them. This is a quality of life issue for me! I run for life! To avoid being cavalier about it, I run within a very limited and doable program. I run 8-10 miles a week, every other day, cross on the opposite days and I receive chiropractic care. My husband, is currently not running, but is working with a Physical Therapist who believes he can run again. Whatever you choose, congrats on the many miles you logged and I hope you find just what you need to discern what’s next and best for you!

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