Word Freeze

I hate it when I have what I call “word freeze.”  Do you know what that is?  Not that hard to figure out I’m sure.

Quite simply, it’s that time when you are talking to someone in a formal setting, or trying to write something, or sometimes just generally trying to make a point and you know the perfect word to relay the message but your brain will not let it out of that steel locker upstairs!

It’s a word freeze.  Could also be called a brain freeze, but I prefer word freeze.

The darn word is in there.  You’ve used it a million times and it just won’t come out!  What a frustrating experience.  And the words are usually simple ones like:

Depreciation, compliment, there’s a word I am thinking of RIGHT NOW that I cannot verbalize but it means to have better judgement when writing or saying something, atrocious, audacious, vehement, indignant, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, etc. …

Am I alone in this?




2 thoughts on “Word Freeze

  1. You definitely are not alone in this word freeze thing. Many people experience it; but experienced speakers usually use alternatives and make it sound as if everything was just flowing. I remember reading a story about an artist who as he was giving a concert his A spring cut and he went ahead to give it as if nothing wrong had happened. That should be the same with speaking or writing. We have to use the other words and let the stuff flow out as if we had not forgotten any word.

    • True, but oh so frustrating. At least in writing you can take a pause and think about it. In conversation or speaking to a group, you have to be quick and is much more frustrating. Too many “uhs” and “oms” and you look like you don’t know what you are doing.

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