No. 14 Most Annoying

To add to the list (I told you a lot of stuff annoys me):

No. 14: Long blog posts or simply long Internet articles PERIOD!  I may be guilty of the same thing but a blog post that goes on forever (judged by the fact that you have been reading for a minute and the scroll bar on the right isn’t even an eighth of the way down!) is simply frustrating.  And it’s especially annoying when the content is good.  You want to keep reading but other things are calling your attention.

I have other stuff to do, so get to the point already!



8 thoughts on “No. 14 Most Annoying

  1. You are very honest. I often get frustrated too. When I started blogging I used to write very long posts and usually took time to do so until friends complained just as you have said. I learned from some fellow bloggers who wrote very snappy posts. Now I have improved; but my comments remain long compared to those of others. I am still learning in this regard. You can see why I like your post.

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