Question to Opinionated Man

Opinionated man,

I recently started a list of the things that most annoy me.  I am up to ten, but there are many more coming as I am grumpy at times and always have been so lots of sh#*t annoys me!

As a self-proclaimed opinionated person, I would like … no love … to know what annoys you most.  I am willing to bet there are lots of things that annoy you.

Let us know!



5 thoughts on “Question to Opinionated Man

  1. I have a high swing on the annoyance levels from very little annoys me to almost everything annoys me depending on my mood. But the act that I find most annoying are people who drive slow in the fast lane. Actually there is a general frustration about driving fast cars in what seems to be a slow world.

  2. Not much annoys me, I am very straight forward in what I tolerate. But people who post millions of pictures of cats, or daily reminders of what their children ate or said or pooped. Drive me to distraction. I am not a cat or a child hater, nor am I grumpy. What I am, is consistently surprised that the people posting these types of messages and pictures; think anyone actually gives a ( swear word). Do you think I am a grump but haven’t noticed? answers on a post card etc etc…

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