Adding to the Most Annoying List

Previous post is pasted below, but I have added a few more items to all things that annoy me as well as added a comment that was sent to me.  Keep them coming ya’ll!

 No. 7: Our President

No: 8: People who live in climates where the seasons change and complain when it is cold.  No SH#*t!  You live in the Northeast!  You live in the Midwest!  ETC…..  Is it a surprise that come October, it gets cold????!!!!????  Stop complaining or move!

No 9: Youtube video ads.  This was from a blogger named May Desert Flower

I couldn’t agree more and thank you for the input!



I have seen many blogs out there that list “top 10 this” or “top 5 that” and many times I find them to be hilarious.  I decided yesterday that a whole lot of crap annoys me to no end, so I do not think I can fit all of them in a list limited by a “top” number of some sort like five, ten, or even 100 for that matter.

What I plan to do is list the things, actions, sayings, etc. that I find most annoying.  Like I said there are a lot of things in this world that bother me, so this will be an ongoing post.  If you post your most annoying, great.  If you comment on my list either agreeing or disagreeing, I may or may not comment back.  I may even add to my list based on your comments.

So, here goes:

No. 1: Slow drivers in front of me who are obviously lost or simply freaking clueless.  Get off the road jack and let the rest of us who know where we are going get to where we are going!

No. 2: The fact that school buses stop at every damn driveway 20ft apart!  Are you kidding me????  When I was a kid, you had to walk to a common bus stop that was in proximity to everyone else, which meant some people had to walk a few blocks.  Now, I get stuck behind a bus that puts its annoying stop lights on more repetitively than a politician lies!  No wonder today’s kids are so soft!

PS—Get out of the way so us tax payers, who pay your salaries, can get to freaking work on time!!!

No. 3: Public transportation.  When I am on a busy road trying to get somewhere and I get stuck behind a public bus, I get very annoyed.  But that’s not what gets me.  It’s the brazen way in which the drivers drive.  They will cut you off, get in your lane or whatever they have to do because they know if you hit them, no skin off their backs!

No. 4: Educators who think simply because they “teach” in a classroom that they know everything about educating our children.  News flash, have you seen the latest stats on how the US ranks in the world? It ain’t pretty!

No. 5: Web sites with annoying ads that pop up, slide the article I am trying to read down and any other intrusive ads these creative geniuses think of!  I am there to read an article jack asses, not to be pummeled by advertisements!  Subtle ads are cool, but this in-your-face crap needs to stop.  All it does for me is make me ignore the advertiser’s product even more because they are so inconsiderate.

No. 6: Teachers who go on strike to complain about their pay.  Hello!  You work part time!


I’ll be back.  I’m just getting warmed up but I really should not let my blood boil this early in the morning.




5 thoughts on “Adding to the Most Annoying List

  1. Pretty sure I violate your number 1 and number 8, Yep I gripe about the cold and weather a lot…. I live in Canada and can’t escape the winter shit ….no matter where I move lol

    and I drive slow 7 months out of the year…. only because there is usually 3 inches of ice with a good foot of snow on top of that on the roads, even the best winter tires won’t keep you out of the ditch as idiots who don’t know how to winter drive quickly find out lol

    your list is very funny and I really enjoyed a good morning laugh , I hesitated to admit that I violate at least 2 of your list as I know it’s all in jest, please take my comments in the same light hearted manner as well 🙂

  2. people who post: I am sad, but never say why. or: I just cant! and never follow it up. you get my drift. moaning, miserable, whinging posts.If they just had a friend, they could tell them to their face; and it would be gone. But it is now FOREVER! on the internet. Please make them stop. Thank you rant over. I am a nice fairly sane person who take things in her stride. but you asked I dug deep and found one.

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