I turn 41 today.  I am no more free today than I was when I turned 40.

I really should not say I am not free.  That is a complete misrepresentation.  I mean, look at me, here I am typing the words that I want free to say nearly anything I want.  I can even post any youtube video I want.  Can the bloggers in China say that?  Are you even allowed to blog in China?

I know an old Russian man.  He is an amazing person.  I respect and love him like an uncle or even a grand father.  He is wise.  He is thoughtful.  He has shared with me the horrors of living in a communist state.  He told me how people in Russia, even to this day for the older generations, are fearful to even whisper complaints about the government in the privacy of their own homes.  He has known people who simply disappeared in the middle of the night.  Just gone, poof, no record of their existence other than the memories that their friends and families hold inside their brain.  Can you imagine?

As Americans, we can not fathom this although he points out many similarities.  He talks about hate speech and warns what a fine line we are walking when we attempt to define hate speech.  He says you either have freedom of speech or not, and, if you do, you have to take the good with the bad.

He, an Obama supporter until recent years, talks about how scary the IRS is for targeting certain groups, how cell phone surveillance should frighten any citizen, how a media that is controlled and tells only one side of the story is reminiscent of communism and how it used media to spread its propaganda, and on and on.

On this day, I turn 41.  I was feeling down about not being where I want to be, but I realize all good things come in time with hard work and planning.  And everything that is meant to be will be!

Most importantly, we are free … somewhat for now anyway:-)




21 thoughts on “41

  1. I hate to be a downer, but freedom is an illusion.In comment to your post, no one is free, we are enslaved by capitalism, television, and a consumer culture. I agree that living in the U.S. we have more freedoms than other citizens and regretfully, the freedom to act like morons. Sorry – that’s how I feel and typically what I see. We should all use our local FREE libraries,get educated, turn off the TV and elevate ourselves. On that note… wishing you a wonderful birthday and a year of wisdom ahead!!

  2. Happy Birthday! You still have your freewill, and as hard and dangerous as it is to exercise freewill in a society that believes less and less in freedom, you, for the time being, are free to dream, act and change things for the better.

  3. Happy birthday. I like your post and your friend. I believe we are free to choose what we allow to alter us. Our opinions, if coming from an honest loving person; will either be good or we will know to keep them to ourselves. We are free to reach for the dreams that are both obtainable and not. It is our choice. I come from England and my views are my own. But I speak as a decent member of Earth.

  4. Happy Bithday No. 41. This is a nice dose of introspection you’ve given yourself and the rest of us as a present.

    Of course our freedoms are all relevant to others in this world of ours. I think we have it pretty good in the big picture. Could the world, and our piece of it, be a better place, onehundredtwentythreedays? Certainly. Will it be tomorrow? Not likely. All we can do is appreciate good things, like birthdays, blogging, libraries, freedoms, and do what we can in our lives each and every one of us to not contribute to making things worse.

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