Creepy Light

There is this creepy light I see flickering down the street.  It’s of an orange hue or at least that is what it looks like from here.

It flickers like a candle. I am roughly a little over a quarter mile from the house.  Can I really see a candle flickering from that distance?

The street is dark.  It’s barely 5am.  I wonder what the heck that light is.  I mean aren’t most people snug in their beds right now?

Your mind can run wild at this time of day.  I can tell you that.  I imagine some psychopath on the other side of that window, standing by that light, looking out his window and staring right back at me!  He plots how he is going to get me back from watching and wandering into his private life.  The private life of a psychopath who simply wants to be left alone.

Sorry sir.  I am the nosy neighbor who will keep an eye on you at all times.  All you have to do is make one mistake and I will bring you down.



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