You Know You’re a Blogger When …

How do you know?

Seriously, at what point do you admit that you are indeed a blogger?

Is it when you have more than 100 followers or 1,000?

Is it when you have written 100 posts or 200 or 300 or more?

Is it when you realize you spend too much time each day on your blog or responding to comments or looking and commenting on other blogs thereby keeping you from doing other things?

Or is it simply when you decide to start a blog, choose a theme, choose a URL and off you go?

When I was running a lot, I never considered myself a runner until one day I read an article titled “You Know You’re a Runner When …” and the article named like ten things that if you attributed at least one of them to you, BAM you were a runner.

I went through the article, and I was like, shit, I guess I am a runner because I had like nine of the ten attributes.

So, what are the top ten attributes that make you a blogger?  In other words, you know you are a blogger when ….




9 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Blogger When …

  1. I think once you set up a blog and write your first post, you’re a blogger. Not necessarily a “successful” one, but to me that’s all it takes. To my own way of thinking, I don’t think setting a bar (in my own mind) of “100 followers” or something like that really feels right. And you don’t really know how far someone’s going to go, how prolificly they’re going to write, or how many people are going to take an interest. The other way of measuring it would be time, “if you’ve been blogging for three months” or some other set time period, but that doesn’t work for me either. A blogger might take a break for an indefinite tie period but still come back and start posting again.

    So yeah, I personally tend to look at it as… if you set one up and post on it, you’ve got a blog so you’re a blogger. I don’t put to much into it (but hopefully not to little either…). My thoughts anyhow 🙂 .

  2. Hmmm, I think it is an internal meter. Each person will feel it at different points in their blogging journey. From my personal perspective, if you are maintaining a blog (actively) then you are a blogger regardless of the number of followers.

  3. I think for me, it was when I realized that this wasn’t some quick phase. I really enjoy it, and I’m going to stick with it. I think it’s when you realize you are dedicated.

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