Blogging = Procrastination

I have roughly 13 minutes to write this blog, so I type as quickly as my hybrid touch-typing, hunt-and-pecking typing skills will allow. To be fully transparent, that is not very fast although some days I amaze myself at how fast my fingers dance across the keyboard while other (like right now), my typing feels like that one reoccurring dream that we all have (you know you do!) where we are running and going nowhere, where you are being chased but you can’t move no matter how hard you try and, in fact, the harder you pump your legs, the harder you pump your arms, the slower you go.  More exhausted and nothing gained!

Okay, I just wasted three minutes with that monologue.

Anyway, do you ever feel like blogging equals procrastination?  Some days I do, some days I don’t.

I recognize that it is good practice.  I know that writing, even if it is mindless dribble, just to write helps perfect the craft.  I know it is good to find your voice.  However, I can’t help the sinking feeling that there are other things I must be doing.  I am up at 4am every day.


To work on my dream of becoming a writer.  It is the only time of day where there is true silence.  My phone is not ringing.  People who I work with are not calling my name.  My text messages are not buzzing.  The television is sleeping.  My house is sleeping.  It’s just me and the light of the keyboard.

Six minutes left so get to the point …

I recently self published a book and I have so many things not yet completed for the book.  For example, I need to complete a Web Site, I need to create a facebook page, I need a Pinterest page, and most of all I want to print a few copies for Christmas gifts!  Yet those items sit and sit and sit while time ticks and ticks and ticks!

I have other books that I want to write.  Some of them have been started.  Others are simply ideas on a word doc.  Instead of diving in, I type mindlessly for this blog.

With three minutes to spare, I take a sigh of relief and then realize, I cannot push publish for I have to read this at least once (there’s that dream feeling again), but probably twice to make sure it makes sense and at the very least, devoid of silly grammar mistakes and typos that any self-respecting English major would ever let slide!

Two minutes left …

So, is blogging the same as procrastination?


PS—The entire process of this post took three minutes longer than I planned.  Now, my whole day is behind … scratch that, it’s now four minutes.  My day is screwed!  I don’t care about any typos or grammatical errors!






4 thoughts on “Blogging = Procrastination

  1. It’s not a waste at all. I’ve blogged every day since Oct. 27, 2013 and am still going strong. I hope.

    FYI, Mindless DRIVEL. There, the blog got you somewhere today, too. You’re welcome. 🙂

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