Veterans Day!!! – A Million Blogs Today

I am sure there will be a million blogs out there today honoring our Veterans.  I ask you, however, is a million enough?  On the flip, what if there are only 100 blogs honoring our country’s heroes and defenders of Liberty?  How sad that would be.

Which scenario is more likely?  Sadly, I would say the 100 scenario for today it seems people are less inclined to remember and honor those who defend our Liberties, those who defended and are still among us, and those who defended and are no longer with us.

God Bless them all!

Without these men and women, who are willing to put their lives on the line, where would we be?  Seriously, where?  What would this country look like?  We have our problems and in many ways are destroying ourselves from within, but despite all that, we are still the greatest country that this world has ever known!


I have close to 160 followers, which by many accounts is pretty lame, but if each of you (assuming you are an American)  reads this and posts something honoring our veterans and each of your followers do the same and each of their followers and their followers and their followers, etc., we will get to a million quickly.  Maybe more.  Maybe it’s already started.  Unfortunately, I have combed the blogosphere and have yet to see anything like it.

Come on!  It’s Veteran’s Day!  Let’s get a million blogs out there honoring our heroes TODAY!!!



2 thoughts on “Veterans Day!!! – A Million Blogs Today

  1. I am Cameroon but I join you to say ‘Bravo to all the veterans’. By staking your lives for your people’s security you served me a little too. Peace jeopardized anywhere in the world, is peace jeopardized everywhere in the world.

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