And the Pews Were Full

Got to Mass yesterday a little earlier than normal.  I always like getting there at least five minutes early, but today, we were a little over ten minutes early.  My daughter complained as to why we needed to get there so early.

I told her we needed to pray and besides we would be sure to get the spot we like best, right side, a few rows back from the front.  To our surprise, the entire area was filled, filled with people I did not recognize.

In fact, the entire place was nearly as packed as Christmas or Easter.  I checked the date on my watch to be sure I had not fallen asleep for a few months and here we were on Christmas Eve!

Monsignor came around, shaking hands and greeting people.  I asked what the special occasion was and he said it was the anniversary of someone’s passing.  Oh.

Then I saw another strange sight.  An old friend came walking in with his family.  I then noticed his mother, who is always at Mass, and the rest of her kids, my friend’s brothers.  I figured they were somehow related to the group here for the anniversary of their loved one’s passing but turns out they were not.  They were there for their mother’s birthday.  She told me she bribed them.  Ha, whatever works I guess.

I will be honest.  I was at first, annoyed at the group that suddenly took the spot where I sit every Sunday.  But as the Mass proceeded, prayers were said, songs were sung, and I realized how magical and powerful it was to have such a loud voice praying and singing to God.

It was like Christmas, like Easter!  We were full in Christ’s love!

Come back people, come back to the Church that loves you!  Together, we can spread God’s word and make him smile upon us!

Together, the pews will be full and you will also be full from God’s love and His word!




4 thoughts on “And the Pews Were Full

  1. What a lovely reflection!!
    When I was a child, the pews were full to overflowing. Our parish had Masses at 7 A.M., 9 A.M., 10:00, 11:00, and 12:15 P.M. Every parish in the area, and there was one for each little burb, did the same. Masses from 9 A.M. to noon always had people standing in the back for lack of room. I have many Protestant friends who have seen the same thing happen in their mainstream congregations. Man wants the world, the big house, multiple fancy cars, a wide-screen in every room. . .On a Sunday morning, we used to fold our hands, bend our knees, and turn our faces upward in prayer and song, our souls lit by Love. Today, our feet lay in bed late on the Lord’s Day, and, when we awake, our fingers dance, our faces bend down lit by the hue of technology, technology, technology seeking the connectedness that only God can give.
    The world is a mess. I wonder why?

    • Well, we have chased God out of almost every public institution for starters. Uh, we have placed our believe system in hollywood (I refuse to capitalize it!) and we chose, as a nation, back in the 60s that feeling good was better than being good!

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