I Love the Fall

Sitting at my table looking at the scenery and felt inspired to write a quick poem:

I love the fall, Don’t you?

Something about the orange-yellow, bronze hue

Makes me laugh, Makes me smile

Makes me feel warm and cozy like a child.

The sounds of geese and the smoky smells in the air

Makes me long for a time that I dare not compare.

Time comes so quickly these days.

I almost feel I am in a perpetual fall daze.

I will take it and whatever it brings you see,

For fall is the season that best suits me!


Short and sweet, please feel free to add to it if you like.




4 thoughts on “I Love the Fall

  1. Haha I’ve concluded that Autumn must surely be the best season of the year – at least, weather-wise, and weather has such a tremendous impact on mood I find! Spring is glorious in its own right, but only briefly as all the flowers emerge, and then it gets too warm and hayfever takes over and the garden becomes less spectacular. Autumn, on the hand, is quiet and contemplative and filled with majestic nobility. Much like a sunset. Just as a day finishes, so does the warm season, and is that death? Certainly not – it’s simply a brief repose from hustling, bustling, into a more considered season of life.

    Love your poem, it’s uplifting 🙂 (And to put a little context, we’re pushing through the last weeks of Spring down here in Australia; my home city of Melbourne is living up to its reputation for wildly unpredictable weather, and there seems to be an unusually high pollen count. Bring on ‘Fall’!)

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