One Hundred – WOW, Thanks Opinionated Man

I just noticed that my last post was my 99th post!  Wow, so this it my 100th!

You may or may not know it but I went away from this blog for a long time, like several months.  I just felt like I was wasting my time.  I had a little over 100 followers and barely any traffic.  A few likes here and there but really, who was I kidding?  No one really cared and to be honest I had nothing ground breaking or earth shattering to say anyway.

Then about a month ago, I decided to check back in.  I had one comment from Opinionated Man (OM).  It simply said “where’d you go?”  Anyone who follows him knows he has a massive blog, comparing his blog to mine is like comparing mini-sized candy bars to king-sized ones on Halloween!!!  It’s not only massive but it’s pretty darn good as well.  I thought to myself if someone as good as OM liked my blog enough to inquire about me, then I need to get it going again.  One little, simple question got me thinking and motivated.

I then realized, I did not start this blog for thousands of readers.  I started it because I love the written word.  I started it because I wanted to write freely and express myself freely because we are all so inhibited on a daily basis.  My goal is to write one blog a day for the next year.  Help me do that.  Hold me to it and make me accountable please!!!!!

For writing is freedom and without freedom, life is prison.  Thank you OM!



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