Uncomfortable Situations Equal Freedom

It seems as humans we always put ourselves in uncomfortable situations,  Do you know what I am saying?

Although we try to avoid them, we always find a way back, right?  It cannot be avoided.  Of course, everyone’s comfort zone, or uncomfort zone rather, is different.  Some people revel in getting in front of an audience while other sweat and perspire over it for weeks leading up to the event.  Some gravitate toward confrontation while others repel from it.

However, whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable, dive head first into such activities for that is the only way to grow and build your character.  So, the next time you have the opportunity, put yourself in a situation that terrifies you, prepare for it, and overcome it!  Fear not for fear is paralyzing.  True empowerment is the essence of freedom itself.  Watch this video and tell me what it inspires within you!

Go forth, say you can, and conquer the uncomfortable zone and be free!



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