Imagine a World Without Your Blogging Outlet

What are your top three reasons for blogging?  I see a lot of bloggers with tons of content.  I assume most every one of you also has a day job, so keeping up with your blog requires additional work.  Yes, it’s probably a labor of love but work nonetheless, so why do it?  For many, you simply could not imagine a world without this outlet, right?

Here’s why I do it:

1. Being able to speak freely, expressing my views and opinions.  FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM

2. Simply wanting to be heard.  How cool is it that there are people who read your blog, like, and sometimes comment?  Besides, there is a sense of freedom that comes along with putting your thoughts on the blogosphere.

3. Passion for writing.  I love writing and this is a great way to work on the craft and actually feel like people are reading my stuff.  It certainly isn’t to the proportion of some others out there (like OM) but even one person is pretty cool.  Writing is true freedom.  Imagine how constrained you would feel from your daily grind if you did not have this outlet.


If inclined, tell me and others your top three (or ten) reasons you blog.





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