Not to Vote

Since this blog is about freedom, I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to blog something urging people to vote today.  We are always told that it is our duty as citizens of The United States of America to get out and vote.  We are told that men and women have died protecting our freedoms and our right to vote.

That is all true, but I have a different thought …

Voting is easy.  All you need to do is get to the voting booth, pull a lever, hit a button, fill out a paper, or whatever your community uses.  And since you don’t need ID, it really is as simple as finding a way to the polls.

But, I say stay home if you DON’T do the hard work.

The hard work of educating yourself by reading, listening, and watching all that you can, and that DOESN’T mean watching ABC nightly news, or MSLSD, or reading the NY Slimes as your source of knowledge.

I have a friend who is one of the smartest people I have ever met next to my step father.  He is brilliant, and blows me away in every intellectual way possible (although that’s not saying much) … probably blows 99.9% of the population away for that matter.  But, although he religiously reads the news and studies business, life, and politics, his information comes from The Huffington Post and the NY Times … THAT’S IT.  As a result, he lacks certain details that complete the overall political and worldly picture.

As an example, I asked him the other day what he thought of Ben Carson as a 2016 Presidential candidate.  Guess what?

He said, “WHO’S THAT?”

Really?  Smartest guy I know.  Rattles off Obamacare, healthcare, debt, etc. stats like he was chewing gum but he has never heard of Ben Carson???  Way to go HuffPo! Way to be NYT.  You have successfully blocked out one of this country’s brightest and most inspiring minds.  Now, that is not to say neither has covered or written about Mr. Carson as I am sure they have, but they have obviously done it in a less-than memorable way as exemplified by my friend’s lack of knowledge. Believe me, if the coverage made any mark either negative or positive, he would have known.

So, yes, get out and vote but only if you have read and studied multiple sources.  If you don’t care enough to look outside of what you want to hear, I suggest you stay home and study up for the next election … I’m serious!




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