Are You Angry?

This post is dedicated to a blogger who recently commented on my post about Confession. You know who you are.

I see anger in people’s words and it makes no sense to me.  It’s one thing to write a post on your blog that is fueled by anger at something or passion, but I it’s another thing to read someone else’s blog and respond with vitriol and utter disrespect.

Obviously, I will not stop anyone from commenting how they want.  After all, this blog is about freedom of expression, but what I will commit to is NOT posting comments to someone’s blog in an angry and bitter fashion.  I may disagree and post such, but it will be done in a gracious and respectful way.

That is my commitment to the blogosphere.

Thank you for listening




One thought on “Are You Angry?

  1. I share your view. I think someone with an educated mind and heart will address the one they do not agree with with all respect and consideration. What is education for if it does not make us graceful to others? Generally I admire the way we relate in the blogosphere. Of course, there are always exceptions. To such people we need to be gentle for they know not what they do.

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