Catholic Perspective – Confession

I have a friend who tells me he is very devout in his Catholic Faith.  In many ways, he is.  He goes to Mass nearly every Sunday.  He prays every day.  He reads the Bible every day.  That said, I feel he is only experiencing part of the Faith while there is so much more offered and so much more one can give!

Above, I say he “goes to Mass nearly every Sunday.”  That means, he misses from time to time.  As a Catholic, in addition to going to Confession regularly, you most certainly must go if you miss Mass before you can take Communion again.  If you sin, PERIOD, you need to go to Confession before taking Communion.  We all sin.  Therefore, you need the Sacrament of Confession regularly.

But, he tells me he does go to Confession … he just goes directly to the Big Man himself.  In other words, he does not believe he needs a Priest to Confess his sins.  As a convert to the Faith, it is hard for me to debate certain items regarding the Faith so I turn to family, friends, and research.  After discussing this with friends, I did more research and found this wonderful explanation as to why we need a Priest for Confession:

Many questions come to mind after watching this.  Why do you need a Priest to say Mass?  Why do you need a Priest for the sacrament of Baptism?  Why do you need a Priest for the Sacrament of Marriage?

If you need a Priest for these things, why wouldn’t you need one for Confession?  Conversely, if you don’t need a Priest for Confession, then you don’t need a Priest for anything.  You can say Mass in your living room and convert your loaf of Stroehmann to the Body of Christ and bottle of Beringer to His Blood and stay in your PJs.



13 thoughts on “Catholic Perspective – Confession

  1. There is NO Biblical necessity to go to a confessional..
    a catholic so called priest is NOT God, and is in no position to forgive another persons sins if they are committed against God..

    a person may freely confess his sins to god in his prayer life. as he/she is supposed to do.

    so called prayers to mary are not biblical…and are necromancy..

    ive messaged that Barron deceiver..Mth 23 v 9,

    Wake up you catholics, and realize that you are being taught to believe the lies of satan.

    • The essence of Christianity is forgiveness of sins and in order to have forgiveness, you must confess your sins. If you so-called “freely confess” sins to God, what accountability is there?
      Jesus teaches us about love.
      It is not the Catholics who need to wake up my friend. Look within yourself and your words and ask yourself what love is there in your heart.

      • I know what Christianity is about thank you..
        And it is not embodied in going to a confessional, to talk to a so called priest, and tell him all your sins.. after all,

        I suggest you read a bible, instead of you catholic catechism..

      • No it is not..
        the roman catholic so called church is not ‘ ~The church’..
        roman catholic so called church did not begin until the 4th century..

        fact is, the roman catholic so called church killed millions to stop the bible from getting in to the hands of ordinary people..
        your analogy is misguided rubbish..

        you need to get a proper history book.

    • Dear spookchristian,
      You misunderstand. The priest does not forgive sins; only God can do that. As the good priest said, the priest acts “in persona Christi.” And, yes, it is biblical. Christ gave his Apostles the power to act on His behalf and to forgive sins when He appeared to them after His Resurrection: “Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace be with ‘you. As the Father has sent me so I send you.’ And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained.'” (Jn 20:21-23) Perhaps, this article will help unravel your confusion. Of course, my suggestion supposes that you are really seeking Truth, not just confrontation.

      As for praying to Mary, and indeed to the holy saints in heaven, again you are misinformed. Catholics do not pray to Our Blessed Mother – nor others we believe are in heaven – as though she were a deity of some kind. On the contrary, as she is the Mother of God and surely in heaven with Him, we pray to ask her to offer her prayers on our behalf, just as we ask our friends here on earth to pray for us or for the sick, the dying, the troubled, the sinners, etc. Again if you are truly interested in knowing the Truth, here is a short video discussing the biblical foundation:
      and an article with a more detailed explanation.

      Yours truly in Christ, offering prayers to Mary, Mother of God, asking her to pray for the salvation of your soul.

      • No so called priest acts in the person or place of Christ..
        There is only one priest that is needed, and that is Jesus Christ..

        Your so called priests do n ot have the right to be called Fr,,Mathew 23v9

        There is only one mediator between men and God..that being Jesus Christ.

        You catholics need to repent, and leave that whore of Babylon,, ie. the roman catholic so called church..

  2. You make a good point about the role of the priest in establishing our relationship with Jesus through the Church and in helping us repair that relationship when we break it. Be very careful about concluding that another person is in mortal sin, however. If your friend misses Mass for legitimate reasons (serious illness, caring for a loved one who is ill, doing necessary work, etc.), he may not be guilty of a sin at all.

    If he is simply ignorant of the gravity of his Sunday obligation, he may not be fully culpable. (Of course, you may have informed him of this by now.)

    • He knows. I have told him. I think Doctrine is clear on the subject, but many seem not to know this and go to Mass three times a year and take Communion without going to Confession.

      Imagine Christmas Mass. The Church is bursting at the seems from the “Chreasters”. And nearly all stayed on their knees during Communion in observance of the fact that they had not received the Sacrament of Confession after missing Mass all year (or at least since Easter). How amazing would that be? To me, that would be true reverence!

  3. To Spooky”christian”: It is pitiful to see someone who proclaims himself a follower of Our Lord Jesus Christ so full of and blinded by Hate. Search as I may, I can find nowhere in Scripture where Jesus directs his followers to preach the gospel of hatred. You are in my prayers.
    The End.

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