It’s Time to Get Real or Get Lost

You either believe in freedom of speech or you don’t!

If you say  you believe in it, then don’t support anyone who shuts down what others have to say … PERIOD!

I am sick and tired of one side simply shouting louder than the other and casting aspersions of sexism and racism and any other “ism” you prefer simply to discredit the other’s argument and in some extreme cases labeling that person’s voice as hate speech!

There are many out there who should be silenced because of the hateful things they believe and say, BUT, true hatred typically comes from a minority is an unfortunate side effect of true freedom of speech.

Food for thought though, if you label someone as a bigot, homophobe, sexist, or racist, you better take a look in the mirror and watch your own tongue for one day making those claims may be considered a hate crime!

Get real about your belief in freedom of speech, or please GET LOST!







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