This one of the bests posts I have read in years. ONE OF THE BEST!
Our Founding Fathers were, for the most part, deeply theological men guided by Faith and an understanding that our Creator grants us our freedom and strength, NOT other men! We have allowed a small minority of our population to turn this country upside down, and we need to reverse that course before it is too late … although it may already be too late.

Tony A. Smith


The first United States Senate meeting opened with a prayer in New York City on April 25, 1789. The prayer in the senate that day was led by Samuel Provost who was an Episcopal Bishop and New York’s first Chaplain. The senate has opened every session since that time with a prayer. Likewise the first prayer in the Continental Congress for the United States House of Representatives was led on September 7, 1774 by Reverend Jacob Duche’ who was a Rector of Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The House of Representatives has opened each session with a prayer from that day forward. It is interesting to note that 27 of 56 founding fathers had seminary degrees. There appears to be no separation of GOD and state.

In 1962 with the United States Supreme Court case of Engel vs Vitale and the Abington School District vs Schemp in 1963 we chose…

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