What Inspires You?

What inspires you?

Reading a good novel inspires me.  Watching someone who is passionate, but not overbearing, about what they do does as well.  Expertise inspires, but braggadociousness does not.

Watching people who are good at what they do inspires, especially if they love what they are doing.  A good Homily at Mass inspires me.  People tearing down others does not.

Watching my daughter learn and accomplish something she thought too hard, inspires me.  When a person’s face lights up after completing a task that at first seemed insurmountable is a sight to behold.

A bright pink and orange sunset inspires me as does a warm orange-yellow sunrise.   A brisk, cloudy fall day does as well.  Crisp brown leaves blowing down the street allows me to a day dream that living freely is possible.

A thunderous lightening storm recharges my inspiration.  A hurricane may cause fear but the sheer power of nature wakes me up and makes me feel alive.

Our Lord, who gave his life for us, inspires.  Those less fortunate who look at life as a blessing inspires.  Appreciation is the ultimate inspiration.

Again, I ask, what inspires you?


5 thoughts on “What Inspires You?

  1. Let’s see, what inspires me? Watching the man I’ve grown to love and respect break out of his comfort zone. Rainstorms inspire me. People are a source of inspiration, especially in the weight loss community. Happy, grateful, mindful, compassionate, passionate people inspire me because they have this fire in them that they put to good use just about everyday. Experiencing love in the most uncommon, uncomfortable way continues to inspire me, and clears the fog on what I believe love is. Love is scary, no? Love is selfless. Love is hard. Hard is loving. Love means so many things, at best, love is pure. I don’t think you can dilute love, but you emotions can be diluted. Conversations, inspire me. Just about anything can inspire me. Whew! Hope that wasn’t too long of a comment.

  2. The wind. Watching the sun rise through the oak’s branches just outside my window. Words. People in the street. Gravity and the long, slow glide from one year to the next. Language. Air. Breath. Everything.

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