I DON’T Understand

There are things in life that I really don’t understand …

… How does our Republic work?  Lately, it seems we have an authoritative dictatorship where a group of five people in black robes decides what is good for the country and what is not, despite what the overwhelming majority of the people want.  Whatever your belief system, this should terrify you.  You may like today’s decisions but what about tomorrow’s?  I can give you tons of examples of bad decisions made throughout our history that would make your skin crawl …

… How is it that people like Ben Affleck are so concerned with women’s rights, homosexual rights, etc., yet he angrily defends Islam?  Islam, where you can be stoned to death for being gay.  Islam, where women are subservient and made to cover up everything but their eyes in public.  Hey Islam, the Seventh Century called and they want their belief system back …

… My wife yesterday had a confrontation in a parking lot with a woman who had a “coexist” sticker on her prius.  Basically, the woman was taking up two spots: one with her car and the other with her shopping cart as she unloaded her baby and groceries.  My wife had two options, wait for the lady to move or park a mile away from the store.  The lady yelled at her to get away as if she had every right to take up two spots.  How can someone expect others to heed the word “coexist” if she cannot even “coexist” with people in a PUBLIC parking lot? …

… I don’t understand these things.  Really, I don’t!



6 thoughts on “I DON’T Understand

    • Yes, I believe there are nine but only need five to make a change, right? Meaning five people can change the will of millions with no representation. Seems odd and I do not think that is how it was intended.

      I do not want to coexist with any religion or philosophy that promotes death to nonbelievers, disrespect to women and an overall intolerance for anything not in line with its belief system. Islam to me seems more like a fascist state than a religion. The real question is “does islam want to coexist with anyone or anything other than itself?”

      • That’s correct. I wasn’t sure if you were aware of that which is why I asked. Decisions do not always go 5-4 though. It’s scary to think about how much power these individuals have. The only time they are replaced is when they pass away or become extremely ill and in rare cases, through impeachment.

        Which religion or philosophy promotes all of that? How do you know it does? Where does it state this? You don’t think these actions are being carried out by individuals who have misinterpreted the religion or philosophy? How intelligent are their followers?

      • I am not one to go into long debates and reply after reply. I have a day job, so time is of the essence. I would hardly ever post something if I did not have all the facts, i.e., how many judges sit on the high court.

        Regarding islam, all I can say is open your eyes. Study the words of the Koran. Look at the middle east. Look at history, both ancient and recent. Look in a mall and see if you notice a man in shorts and a woman draped head to toe in a throwback outfit to the 7th century. Tell me, if not outwardly preaching and teaching things I mention, what is it doing? It’s a heck of a lot more than some individuals.

        That’s said, thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment!


      • Leave it up to you to play the “I have a day job” card as if you’re the only full time worker here. I work full time and go to law school full time. The conversation was good while it lasted. Take care.

  1. Sorry, didn’t mean to play a card and by no means was insinuating that I was the only person with a job. Maybe I should have been more clear, as in I won’t be able to reply regularly debating the subject. Would love to if I had the time as I am sure you would. Leave a comment and I will certainly engage when I can. And, saying I have a day job is more of a pining away for what I really want to do that does not entail a day job!


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