I’m Sick to my Stomach

Seriously, the world has gone berserk.  I’m not kidding and I’m not trying to be overly general about it, but I do believe the world has collectively lost it’s damn mind.  Here are some things to consider:

  • The US has a lawless government and the media is quiet
  • The US just traded FIVE terrorists for one soldier who’s actions are suspect at best
  • Killing unborn babies is cool but corporal punishment and torture of criminals and terrorists is bad
  • Certain groups are looking to redefine marriage … why do they need the term marriage? And if I ask that question or defend my belief that marriage is between one man and one woman I am a bigot???
  • You can’t say black, no it’s african-american … it’s no longer oriental, it’s asian … ugh, who can keep up???
  • People are being persecuted over private phone calls
  • Our veterans are being treated like animals while government officials receive premium care and illegals get disability and social security!!!
  • The IRS targets certain people and groups for no apparent reason other than they disagree with the current administration and nobody seems to care
  • We left an American Embassy to burn, blamed it on a video, and four Americans are dead … again, no one seems to care but we claim we leave no soldier behind while rescuing aforementioned soldier … meanwhile another soldier rots in a Mexican prison with no apparent attempts to rescue him!
  • Our borders are wide open … the left wants amnesty and if you speak out against it or speak up for the actual citizens of this country, you are a mean and cruel person!  You are a xenophobe!
  • Education has gone down hill since the dept of education was established and we want more nationalized control through common core
  • Ditto for healthcare
  • Ditto for energy
  • Ditto for anything and everything else the government has its grubby little hands on
  • DITTO!

I could go on forever, but I am making myself sick and it’s too early in the morning.  And it’s only Wednesday!





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