Silver Lining – If there is any

If there is any silver lining in the state of National and International affairs, it is that as soon as we diagnose a problem, we are that much closer to the solution.

But the problem there is we are split nearly 50/50 on how to deal with said problems.  One solution may make matters worse while the other may fix it.

The problem there is, no one ever wants to make the hard decisions.

The problem there is, we take the easy road which begets more problems.

Have I identified more problems?  I think I have.

Now what?



2 thoughts on “Silver Lining – If there is any

  1. A part of the problem seems to be that the hard decisions always fall on the shoulders of the voiceless, while the wealthy powers that be are protected by self-interested governments, etc. If justice and compassion were our compass, things would happen faster, and the majority would benefit. But alas, we live in a fallen world corrupted by greed and power :/

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