The Third Way – Dispelling notions and telling the truth

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the world about how the Catholic Church views homosexuality.  The left seem to think Pope Francis is supportive of “gay marriage” and they seem to interpret other Archbishops teachings on homosexuality an overall validation of the Homosexual lifestyle.  The Catholic Church loves all of God’s people.  The Catholic Church teaches love, respect, and most of all redemption through Christ.  The following video beautifully explains the Church’s position on homosexuality.  Please watch with an open mind:

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Director – John-Andrew O’Rourke
Cinematography – Thomas Shannon and Branden Stanley
Art Director – Matt LaMar
Motion Graphic Design – Michael Oliveros
Editor – John-Andrew O’Rourke
Executive Producer – Rev. John Hollowell

Credits song by Matt Hylom (

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One thought on “The Third Way – Dispelling notions and telling the truth

  1. This video beautifully presents the Truth about the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.  I hope everyone who views it will pass it on to others.

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