I’m NOT a Hippie, but … you ain’t goin’ nowhere


I am not a hippie, but when I listen to Bob Dylan, I can certainly see the allure.

Hippies can be seen as historical fictional creatures, almost legends for sure.

I mean think about what these hippies did, right or wrong.

They shed their clothes and their long term woes for a puff and a song.

I firmly believe that the boomers ruined this country for a generation to come,

BUT, they certainly did create a whole new way for people to approach freedom.

One thing I cannot stand are posers trying to cash in on this generation past

Just like any fad, the hippie generation could never last!

Just a quick ramble at six in the morning you see.

But let me state once again, “I am NOT a hippie!”



7 thoughts on “I’m NOT a Hippie, but … you ain’t goin’ nowhere

  1. Some of us 60’s hippies grew up and saw the folly of our imm ature and naïve thought processes .  Sadly, the worst and most radical elements of this  generation of “free thinkers”  (thinking is free only if you believe what they believe) did  not.  Now, they   are now running this country:   radical s ocialists and  Marxists  masquerading as lib erty ‘s darlings .  They hold the reins of power in our government, educational institutions, and media.    Their world view has brought nothing but the debasement of our culture’s moral, social, and economic fabric. 

    In the word’s of the great Winston Churchill, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”    This fad has lasted, despite the wreckage it inflicts wherever it takes hold.

  2. There are still many hippies, young and old, only their outward appearance has changed. They are working tirelessly to protect the environment, fighting for civil liberties, volunteering in their communities, defending the disenfranchised. Look around. So they cut their hair, changed their clothing, traded their drugs for an organic vegetable garden… so what? Their ideals haven’t changed. They may have been wrong about drugs. But they were correct about peace being better than war, about civil rights, equal rights, gay rights, clean air and water, spiritual freedom, etc.. etc. The ones who now disown their past, like Karen – who “grew up” and now consider their youthful actions to be “naïve” and “folly” – were never hippies to begin with, but merely poseurs who jumped on the bandwagon for narcissistic reasons. Which is fine. Learning and maturing is a lifelong process. PEACE.

    • Sounds like you may be holding on to a dream that is founded in youthful naivete rather than reality. Karen, I think, is stating that she, and many others, have grown up and now see the real root of the problem. They also recognize that thanks to this generation, we have rampant crime, teenage pregnancy, drug use and an overall dumbed down culture. Who would argue that peace was better than war? But war is a necessity … it simply cannot be avoided with tyrants running around the world. Were they really right about civil rights? Does the federal government have the right to tell states and private businesses how they should operate? Maybe they were right about these things but I contend they were not right on the solutions. And, do they really believe in freedom? Try disagreeing with someone who holds onto these naive views and you are called names like bigot and homophobe. Sorry, not buying it. Spiritual freedom? We can’t even have prayer in schools now … that does not sound like freedom to me! I see the destruction this country has undergone since the sixties. Maybe some good things came out of it but from my vantage point, I see an educational system that is broke, I see a financial system that is broke, I see a government that has far exceeded its Constitutional rights, and as a result we are worse off now than ever. If the world I have grown up in is the utopia these fools set out to construct, I want nothing to do with it.
      PS – Remember who and what party started and elevated the Vietnam Conflict …
      PSS – Remember who the party was of segregationists …
      PSSS – I add these because the very people you celebrate are all part of the party that caused the problems you say above that they solved! I think we can do better. Really!

  3. FBF, yes, there are many problems in society today. Unfortunately though, you’ve become infected with partisan politics (oh, how times have changed) and have seemingly found a convenient bogeyman in the Democratic Party (I THOUGHT the discussion was about hippies, most of whom in the 60s were just as disgusted with Dems as the GOP). But I’ll play your game. Yes, Kennedy and Johnson “elevated the Vietnam Conflict” and were Democratic presidents. Are you also aware that Nixon expanded the war into Laos and Cambodia, and Barry Goldwater, the conservative Republican nominee for president in 1964, was MUCH further to the right of Kennedy OR Johnson and advocated overthrow of the Soviet Union and nuclear weapons in Vietnam? And yes, many segregationists were Southern Democrats – only because the South had been solidly Democrat due to Abe Lincoln and the Civil War. Once Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Southern states abandoned the Democratic Party. There’s a reason so many red states can now be found south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

    You advocate prayer in schools and seem to imply it’s an example of spiritual freedom (which can also be construed as freedom FROM organized religion, by the way). FBF, if you or your children or grandchildren wish to pray in school or out of school, you have that right. I think what you may be referring to is organized, state-sponsored and/or mandatory worship in PUBLIC schools, right? This is an outright violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution. Yet in another breath you worry about a government exceeding its Constitutional rights??? FBF, in this country one can’t yet cherry-pick one’s Constitutional right based on where one stands on a particular issue.

    I’m not being facetious here, FBF. You sound like a fairly intelligent person, and we are certainly in agreement on how America’s public education has eroded and a general societal “dumbing down,” as you say. But please, before you start blaming an entire generation (of whom the hippies were a very visible but very, very small percentage) for today’s ills and start slinging clichés like a talking head on cable news or talk radio, read some unbiased, non-partisan history of this country. Like you, I think we can do better. And the first step is to get away from simplistic generalizations and the usual tired, partisan rancor.

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