Trophy Society

My kid participated in track this past spring.  A memo went out to all parents the week before the first meet.  The memo covered many things and kept referring to the events as ribbon events.  I assumed (and rightly so) that he meant the kids win ribbons for the events when they came in 1, 2, , or 3.

At the end of the memo, the coach clarified by saying all children would receive a ribbon.  I’m sorry, say that again ….

Yes, everyone gets a ribbon.  Now, they were so bold as to color first, second, and third place blue, red, and white respectively and anything under that was pink, so there was a distinction between the top finishers and the rest of the pack.  Really going out on a limb there, wouldn’t you say???

When I was a kid, the person who received a ribbon or a trophy was the person who won or finished second and third (some may argue that only first should be rewarded).  And if you wanted a ribbon or trophy, well, you had to work harder and after working as hard as you could, and if your talent level just was not there, well, tough crap, you didn’t get a ribbon or trophy!

I call it the trophy society where everyone wins, but, unfortunately in life, not EVERYONE wins.  As a matter of fact, hardly anyone wins in the game of life!  I see the younger generations, and I see this sense of entitlement that they have.  They do not work as hard, they think working extra hours is 20 minutes at the end of the day before they are off to their lattes and mommy’s basement!  But they expect to be paid six figures in a matter of months! If they don’t get it, they quit.

Their writing is horrendous.  They are super fast texters, talented on computers and social media but ask them to make a phone call to actually speak to someone and they shrivel into a corner.

Ask them if America is a democracy or a Republic and they look at you like you are from another planet.  Remember the Pledge of Allegiance anyone?  The answer is right in there!  Or maybe they do not say the Pledge in school anymore … I don’t even know, and, frankly, I don’t even know if I care!

Generations have become very soft.  Part of the reason is how we coddle them from tee ball to bumper bowling to high school.  Lest we forget, these are the people who will one day be running this country and taking care of us old people and fighting off terrorists and defending our liberty from the UN and …  well, I, for one, shudder at the thought of generation Y, Millenial or whatever is next running this world.

Yeah coach … and whoever started this … keep giving out those participation trophies (or in my case, ribbons)!



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