So, another federal judge has unilaterally decided to upturn a state’s law on “gay marriage.”

Well, to those people in favor of this, you should know that this is a slippery slope we are going down.  If the will of the people can simply be struck down by one person, what then will stop them from one day striking down something you believe in?

What would happen if we elect a president, but some federal judges decide, “no, not the right person for the country,” and they disallow the election.

Maybe that’s an extreme example … but consider:

How about if a single official decides an entire race or religious group of people should simply be wiped out?  That won’t ever happen right?  Or what if a government takeover deems people need to be reeducated and if they cannot be reeducated, then they slaughter millions.  Ever happen?  Not in modern history right?

The point is that you change policy by changing cultural opinion, not by overturning the law of the land, which represents the will of the people.  We are a republic governed by democratic elections.  Those elections have consequences and that means sometimes you will be in favor of the laws passed, and sometimes you will not.

What happens when the laws passed are not on your side?  You hit the streets.  You voice your opinion.  You educate people on the matter.  You argue your case logically with fact and historical perspective.  What you DON’T do is strike down what people have voted for like bullies, dictators, and fascists like they do/did in Venezuela, Cuba, Nazi Germany (yes, I went there), USSR, etc…

This is not about gay rights.  This is about allowing the process to work.  This is about Liberty the way it was intended by our Founders.  Right now, when it’s in your favor, you are all giddy and happy and you believe you have won.

One day, the tide will turn based on this precedent and how happy will you be then?



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