Reality TV – How real is it?

question-mark-confused-dogWhy do we (I say we as the all-inclusive society, not because I partake because I don’t!) watch reality TV?  How did this phe·nom·e·non (noun – a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question) take hold of our country?  Really!  There’s a friggin’ reality show for anyone and everything these days.  It’s truly amazing to me.  I can’t even get history from the HISTORY CHANNEL anymore!!!! To quote Jimmy the Gent from “Goodfellas”, “WHAT’S THIS WORLD COMING TO???”

Are we so voyeuristic as a society that we crave the ability to peer into others’ lives?  Is that what this craze says?  I can’t seem to grasp it.   I mean what do the House Wives of Anything have to offer ANYONE?  What makes them so special that we must stare at their lives like a crowd staring at zoo animals???  Right?  Really?  I mean is that reality?  Is that how people really act?  Back stabbing?  Arguing?  Caddy back-and-forth banter (if that’s even what you can call it)?

Maybe, I guess.  I mean, I remember a group of girls in high school (and this was before MTV started the craze with … oh what was that awful show called or still called???? anyway …) who pretty much behaved this way.  They argued.  They back stabbed.  One was always on the outs while another was cheating with someone’s boyfriend.  One time, they actually tried rigging the homecoming king and queen results.  Really, they did!

So as I think more and more about it, maybe Reality TV represents who we are whereas art, in this case, imitates life, as opposed to life imitating art … Not sure which is worse, but Oh man, both scare me.








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