Finding the Time

Well, like a daily journal, I sincerely want to find the time to write more on this blog.  Unfortunately, reality simply gets in the way, and so I must prioritize.

It’s a tough decision you see, but I have a goal.  I have three projects that must be finished this year or 2014 will feel like a complete waste.  Really. I’m serious.  Some of you might say, “but FBF, it’s only May … you have plenty of time!”

If you are saying that, you are either young and do not yet understand how quickly time flies, or do not comprehend how everything takes two, sometimes three or four, times longer than we anticipate.  It’s only May, true.  There is time, but think that way and you lull yourself into hours, days, weeks, even months of procrastination and next thing you know, the ball is dropping, another year about to begin, and a sense of failure drapes you like a dark blanket!

When they are done, I will share in the event that anyone cares.  Two of the projects are children’s books that are very different in nature.  One is for 9-12 year olds and the other is for 2-6 year olds.  The third project is completely different and has little to do, if anything, with writing.

The struggle for the blog is that I would like to take 10 minutes each day to pen some thoughts, but to be honest, I feel it’s a waste to just pen anything.  I want to make sure I have a point, something to say and really I cannot say anything in ten minutes.  Even this, which was meant to be a two-minute post about how I have very little time for this blog, is taking entirely too long.

Nevertheless, it certainly is a good exercise to write something, anything, even if it is incredibly stupid and meaningless.

Whatever it takes I guess.




4 thoughts on “Finding the Time

  1. Ya know? I do understand.
    Often I post just to post.
    (then I go back and realize, “Hey! this is crap” Then I delete and leave folks scratching their heads, but then I post some more silly stuff and the scratching of heads continues–vicious cycle)
    I admire what you have written here.

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