Need Some WordPress Help!

I recently switched themes.  I don’t know why I did so, but I did.  The old these used to show a list of months archiving all old posts on the right side.  This theme does not do that and I was wondering how I could add that in.  Example, this blog – –  uses the same theme but they have a cool search function and an archived area on the right.  How do I get that????

Can anyone help?

Is this something I have to purchase and upgrade for?

Thanks in advance,



3 thoughts on “Need Some WordPress Help!

  1. Hi,
    You should be able to add the search and archives. When you go to your dashboard, go to appearance -> widgets, and select the widgets for search and archives. However for colour changes, I think you do need to upgrade to be able to customise that.
    I tried changing the colours on my blog (I tried this theme as well) by pressing the ‘customize’ button, and it brings up a side screen that shows colours, but when I saved, it didn’t retain the colours.

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