Anapestic Tetrameter Anyone?

Some blogs I follow seem to have writing challenges, and I never participate.  In fact, I find them a bit annoying.  That said, I have decided to try one here … no one ever said I was consistent … as a complete A/B split, I often do things that completely contradict themselves!

Ever try to write in anapestic tetrameter?  It is REALLY hard.  Here is one (I think):


The boy walked to the store

His mind focused on cost

He wandered to and fro’

Until he decided he was quite lost!

That was a real struggle

I search space and I search the NET

But I still don’t know

Is this even an anapestic tetrameter set???


Can you do it?  Let me know!




3 thoughts on “Anapestic Tetrameter Anyone?

  1. I am intrigued!! And being ridiculously competitive, I now want to try it!! Thanks for the follow, and after reading this, I am following right back!! 😀

  2. I may assure you that I struggle with free verse and conversation is a stretch. Thank you for visiting my humble blog and I am beyond grateful that you chose to follow me. I hope to entertain and never disappoint.
    peace out

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