Quick and Dirty – Benghazi vs. Sterling

Scanning the “news”, I have been looking for coverage of the recent development of an email that has linked the White House to a cover up on what really happened September 11, 2012.

Other than Fox News, I haven’t seen much.  But, Sterling, Sterling, and More Sterling!  Same thing with the local news.

Funny how that works.

What’s more important?  An 80-year old billionaire speaking like someone from his generation would probably speak or FOUR DEAD AMERICANS including an AMBASSADOR and an alleged cover up by this Administration … the Administration that was going to be the MOST transparent ever !

Benghazi vs. Sterling … rate the importance … I know where I stand!


2 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty – Benghazi vs. Sterling

  1. The mainstream media can not be trusted.  In general, they are one-sided and deceitful.  Imagine what the coverage would be like had President Bush, or any Republican president for that matter, been in office when our military was told to stand down with our ambassador under siege, resulting in 4 dead Americans.  The press would be howling for impeachment. 

    Think about Watergate.  Nixon lied, not one person died, yet the press relentlessly pursued the cover-up.  His crime cannot hold a candle to what it appears Obama has done.   And, who could forget Bill’s, and Hiliary’s, escapades and scandals, also not chased down by the bloodhounds.  Apparently, our mainstream media  dogs  are only trained to hunt Republicans.

    • True, true, true! And as I write this reply Symphony No 9 plays over my iTunes!

      That is why blogging helps. We get people who speak out against the lamestream media and all other lamestreamers!

      Lamestreamingly yours,

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